Susan Firer

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From Prairie Schooner's Fusion #4

My poem “My Older Sister Ate Bones,” was featured in a collaboration with the Indian poet Sudeep Sen in Prairie Schooner’s Fusion #4 along with 14 other US poems and 15 Indian poems.

From Yew Journal #16 with sculpture by Anita Huffington

A Rock Named Edgar Allen Poe, ...,!.?, Trans-Neptunian Object

From Conduit Literary Magazine

Hello Li Po

From Verse Daily

Halo Factory

Common Name: Scilla

Opening the Rain

From Foot of the Lake Poetry Collective

January and The Beautiful Pain of Too Much

From Hamilton Stone

Restless Migratory Klezmer Winds

From Verse Wisconsin

Dear Baby Star, Dear Little Astronaut

From The Blue Moon Review

Night Games

All Souls Day

70 Below Wind Chill