The Wave Docent

When lightening had smelled sweet over the zoo of the waves --Frank O'Hara

"Ash waves; cement waves; waves of waves filled with pears, dust and wind;

bully waves; a papal waves, waves of lilacs and folded light; perfumed waves;

waves filled with prayers and surfers and chrysanthemums; waves of love

and stones; waves of lake trout, perch and pike; umbrella waves; moon-filled

waves; summer waves of swallows and herons; mirror waves; graverobber

waves; foil waves; nights; plum waves; ancient waves of trilobites; songs;

waves of remorse; waves; depository of dreams and bones; holy waves filled

with news; nights' crow waves; lace waves; meadow waves; dazzle dump

waves; ghost waves; waves of drowning waving right hands; velvet under-

ground rip waves; waves breaking with black pearls, murder, and God; Big

Budda waves; Matroyshka waves; waves' language, anthem; thresholds, so-

ciety, & ministry; come for the always horizon's standstill inventions (contrap-

tions?) sawtoothed waves."